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Medical Billing

Unless your practice is optimizing your revenue stream for the services you provide it will be difficult to remain financially stable and independent in the short and long term future of healthcare. A successful practice is better able to service patients because it has the resources to do so, and is able to continually build upon its own success.

Our trained and Certified Billing and Coding Specialists will generate more revenue to your practice than your current billing staff or billing service. We have an incredible knowledge base of practice operations and specialist services. We review each patient encounter form you generate and help you legally maximize your collection ratios from Medicare/Medicaid, private insurances, and patient collections.

Reimbursement to you still goes directly to your Practice and is deposited to you into your account. PAS never handles your funds but does review all your reimbursement information for you so you know your staff has deposited everything it should into your account. We provide you with a daily monitor that among other key points balances your deposit on any day with the payment information sent from Medicare/Medicaid, private insurers and patients. Your accountant will be pleased to know that you’ve added this extra layer of security into your deposit stream.

If you’re using or have used another billing service you probably noticed inconsistency in claims submission or coding. As Certified Professional Coders, with experience in your practice specialty, you won’t find inconsistent coding of charges - - you won’t say to yourself that the person you worked with last week seemed so much more knowledgeable than the person entering your charges this week. We process encounters the same day we receive them, either through our pickup service if local, mail, fax, email or other electronic transmission. We are able process your claims through our billing programs or if you prefer log directly into your existing demographic and/or EMR software. Additionally, claims are resubmitted if necessary, or if turned into patient responsibility, statements are sent to and followed up with your patients in a professional manner. PAS handles all your patients written or phone inquiries freeing your staff time to focus on patient care.

We are able to service clients anywhere in the country through our software gateways.

Call us to discuss how we can boost your revenue cycle management and your personal income.

"PAS turned my Practice around, clearing up my AR, organizing my admissions processing, and more effectively billing for my services."

-Dr. Goldstein, Indiana