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Medical Consulting

PAS manages the operational systems of many highly successful practices. Although we all like to think of our business as being unique, there are some fundamental principals that apply to all business models. PAS’s objective is foremost to help you increase your revenue stream and your personal income, while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

We do this by removing barriers to growth in a systematic organized manner. Think about any business model that relies on efficiently servicing customers or patients. Every system has some designed in limitations that become stressed and ineffective with increased volume. PAS defines and develops solutions for your current practice limitations as well as anticipating future bottlenecks. By developing systems tailored for your practice we can achieve these goals while simultaneously improving patient care.

Part of your practice's struggle to remain independent and healthy is dependent upon your ability to push back on the external forces which are driving you towards lower reimbursement acceptance. Organized systems of patient scheduling, encounter flow, charting, coding, billing, and personnel management all support a healthy income stream.

Our success in structuring more efficient and easier to run systems for practices addresses these concerns directly and provides the practitioner consistency and stability so they may more directly concentrate on patient care and continue a pattern of growth over the long term business cycle.

PAS’s business expertise extends into the global areas of practice management. We review costs and benefits of new locations, additional doctors, financial administration, marketing, contracts and personnel. In multi-doctor practices we foster communication and compromise between doctors when consensus is needed.

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"I appreciate the weekly monitor report and immediate response to any questions that arise.”

-Dr. Kritchman, Kentucky