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Patient Support

Welcome to the Practice Administrative Systems patient support area. As a company we work on billing and payment matters for doctors’ offices. We are very familiar with patient billing concerns and are able to help resolve questions quickly and efficiently.

If your doctor’s office referred you to our phone number or website we have direct access to your patient visit notes and statements. Please leave your contact information for us and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

If we are not the billing service for your doctor or Hospital bill in question we do provide review services directly for patients. Please call (502) 371-9700 and we will discuss your problem with you. We will need you to fax us authorization (to meet government privacy regulations HIPPA) to discuss your bill and medical records with you and your Doctor’s office or Hospital. We will determine the best way to communicate with you once you call us and will review how we bill you for these services. We will help you determine if you were legitimately billed for something such as a deductible or if in fact the balance you were billed for is incorrect and should have been written off by the provider. Practices frequently overlook the insurance carriers notation that the patient is not responsible for this portion of the bill or that the provider billed in excess of their agreement with the insurance company. We are often able to easily resolve these problems for you and get your credit from the Practice or insurance company.

We are Certified Professional Coders which means we are able to determine the accuracy of any bill you have been sent once we review the providers notes and billing sheets. We are able to work with you on either a case by case or long term basis.

Please call us at (502) 371-9700.

“PAS worked with me and managed all my practice startup and credentialing. My practice was profitable almost immediately."

-Dr. Pinski, Kentucky